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pokeplatform / george by owl-bones
pokeplatform / george

i did the thing!! i made a fullbody front/back ref as well so i'll post that soon. 


name: Georgia ('George') Camal

age: 24

pokemon/#: Espurr / #677

team: Joy

ability: Infiltrator


:iconpsychictypeplz: psybeam

:iconnormaltypeplz: yawn

:iconpsychictypeplz: dream eater

:iconfairytypeplz: disarming voice

:iconnormaltypeplz: protect

:icondarktypeplz: dark pulse

dreamy | mellow | flighty | scatterbrained | whimsical
                George is fairly mild in nature on a day to day basis, and enjoys her simple life of sleeping, snacking, and reading. Her gentle nature is compromised by almost any small kind of stress, and she’s prone to bouts of jumpiness and nerves when tasked with the unfamiliar. When it comes to personal development, she’s very interested in learning how to form bonds with people and becoming a better, more peaceful person. Her social skills could use some work and her presence can be a bit unnerving, especially when she stares off into space and forgets to blink, but her intentions are benevolent. Comfort is her priority and she loves small luxuries, like midday naps or afternoon snacks. Her goals aren’t particularly lofty; she’s just interested in finding happiness.

                Hailing from a small home that contained a very large family, George left her siblings and father behind in order to find a space for herself. Her work at a used bookstore allows her to indulge in her many lazy habits, such as napping throughout the day and eating on the job nonstop. As a middle child in a family with many siblings, she feels that it’s in her nature to blend into the background and walk her own quiet path. She now lives in the small apartment above her workplace, and spends many of her hours off taking care of the plants in her windowsill and enjoying the decadence of daytime naps.

gemsona / larimar by owl-bones
gemsona / larimar
I CAVED i caved you guys im sorry i made a gemsona i just really like larimar ok. it actually looks like me this time
AT rue by owl-bones
AT rue
letha indirectly persuaded me 2 join this super cute food gijinka group so here's what i've come up with!!


Name: Rue Tomori
: 24
Gender: female
: half-beast / raccoon
: merchant & chef (owner of a noodle shop)


Weapon of Choice
            realistically nothing-- she's not really a fighter. but in the case that she has to defend herself she'd use an ulu knife

Type of Magic

            heat manipulation - she can generate heat energy for a variety of purposes, but she mostly uses it for cooking, hot baths, and keeping her den nice and warm.

Strengths / Weaknesses

            + little and able to squeeze into small spaces
            + good escape artist; she can conceal herself quickly and easily
            + she can fill a room with steam to make for a quick getaway!
            + quiet and observant; a good judge of character

            - not much physical strength to speak of
            - prone to laziness and troublemaking
            - virtually never actually deals with problems; just runs from them
            - small stature means she can be easily picked up and tossed around. like a sack of grain

       - warm and easy to approach
       - chronically sleepy/lazy
       - fond of both wisdom and non-sequiturs
       - a bit spacey and dreamy most of the time
       - loves puns, unfunny things, and anti-jokes
       - a big eater, always found with snacks on-hand
       - a bit of a prankster

Likes / Dislikes
        + food, especially salty/savory things
        + warm, cozy spaces
        + long naps
        + easygoing people
        + good conversation
        + storytelling

        - cold weather
        - loud noises
        - being woken up from naps
        - confrontation
        - exercise


    Rue has lived a relatively peaceful life, raised on the outskirts of town by a single half-beast mother and a whole bevy of siblings. Being the oldest, she thought it best to take off from home as soon as she was able to relieve some of her mother's burden. Her experience with the world outside of Aroma Therma has been mixed; she's far more interested in settling down and finding a purpose than adventuring and facing potential prejudice for her species. She has always loved to eat and has a bit of a gluttonous streak, so she figured it would be appropriate to open up a food stand of her own. Growing up, she often cooked for the whole family, and she specializes in hot soups and noodle dishes. Her ability to warm areas with her presence makes her a reasonably successful merchant, as her stand is always quite cozy. She's known to visit natural water pools and leave them transformed as hot springs.

Extra Information
    - 4'10
    - demisexual
    - you'll mostly find her covered in swathes of warm blankets and coats
    - her favorite food is soup with a raw egg cracked into it

Roleplay Type
anything goes; i think short/casual para is more my style but i can do lengthy para and script if need be!
 hey hey hey hey i am mostly on tumblr now!
 hey hey hey hey i am mostly on tumblr now!


Artist | Student | Varied
United States
snarf snarf am i right

Current Residence: portlandia
Favourite genre of music: folk, chamber pop
Favourite style of art: pop surrealism
Personal quote: sneep snop

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